Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Secret Valley Mural

Pukerua Bay School students have a secret, but they don't want to keep it quiet, they want everyone to know. 

Last year a group of talented students worked with local artist Charlotte Steark to create this beautiful mural in the Education Pavilion in Secret Valley.

The walls were transformed with designs depicting local flora and fauna. There is also a seascape with a sustainability theme (marine reserves, food chain and sustainable fishing).

It was thought the formerly white walls could be a target for graffiti. Now its hoped this gorgeous mural will be a source of pride and inspiration for present, past and future Pukerua Bay School students. 

One of the five key principles of Enviro Schools is Sustainable Communities. As an Enviro-School we try to live in a sustainable way – looking after the planet and ourselves. We encourage others to join us and we aim to be role models and teachers for the people around us. 

Another key principle is Respect for Diversity of People and Culture. One way we upheld this principle was by drawing our artists from across the school community. All ages were represented. This is important as we want our senior students to develop leadership experience to take as they move on to college. We also want our junior students to develop and bring their experience through the school as they grow.

For those not familiar with Secret Valley, it is a small bush area in the gully created by Waimapihi Stream. It sits between the railway line (near the Pukerua Bay Railway Station) and Takutai Road.

Around 1997 this area was restored by local community groups. It contains a walking track, several small bridge and the education centre. Pukerua Bay School students have previously been involved in cleaning up rubbish in this area. The school hopes to be involved in future developments in this area, including developing signage.  

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

2017 Enviro Leadership Team

A key part of being an Enviro School is student empowerment (whakamana). Students are expected to be part of what is going on; to have a voice, have opinions, be involved in designing solutions, choosing solutions, talking about issues, making the solutions into reality and continuing to maintain them.

At Pukerua Bay School, whakamana happens in individual classrooms, in small groups of students, and across the school through our Enviro Leadership Team. This year's team has representatives from all classes in the school.

Some of the exciting ideas the group discussed at their first meeting on Friday 9th March include:

  • Developing a new climbing area and swings
  • Having an area for digging
  • Developing the Bike Track idea that was first suggested last year
  • A duck pond, water park or water area under the boat
  • More outdoor tables around the school
  • New posters and signage around the school
  • Developing access to the stream which borders the school.

We look forward to seeing what this group comes up with over the year. 

In the meantime, the next few blog posts will celebrate some of our fabulous student-led initiatives from 2016.